Kai X Gucci

CONTEXT: This is the first collaboration between Gucci and South Korean pop star, Kai, from the band EXO. The collections features a selection of men's and women's clothing and assessories with an adorable motif of a teddy bear to connect to Kai's nickname given by fans.

PROJECT TYPE: UX/UI and Website Design

MY ROLE: User Interface Design, UX Research, Wireframe, and Prototype

The Challenge

The challenge was creating a fresh and playful website page design that matches the branding with the teddy bear motif for the Kai x Gucci merchandise. The result was a modern and sleek design. I pulled a fresh yellow from the colors of the bag to add that vibrant look while the sqaure motif would add a modern look. I had the yellow sqaure layer over the images to add depth and playful between the elements. I layered the product images because I want there to be a feature where you hover over the image and the image protudes forward. I chose a san-serif font to add to the clean vibe.

The Branding


The Prototype

I wanted a feature where when you hover over overlapped images, it would bring the image to the front and show you the product description and the price.

Try the prototype

kai prototype

The Webpage

Kai x Gucci website