Emory Douglas Editorial

CONTEXT: I volunteered to create an editorial piece for the Graphic Design Club. The piece had to be about a graphic designer in the past. I decided to do a piece about Emory Douglas, an African American Graphic Designer from the Civil Rights Movement in the Black Panther Party. What inspires me is that his artowork depicts the African American Community from an empowered place using a bold and vibrant design style.

PROJECT TYPE: Editorial, Typography, Layout

MY ROLE: Art Direction, Design

The Challenge

The challenge was to create an editorial graphic or illustration and an impactful editorial design that told a story about the designer's style. The result was a dynamic and vintage design. I wanted to have the artwork of Emory Douglas to stand out and be at the center of the editorial. The color scheme was inspired by the vibrant red and the aging of the newpaper that his work was presented on as well as the bold color scheme in his artwork. I added a worn texture motif thoughout the editorial to represent the uneven rolled paint of his print press work.

The Theme



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