"Imani Danzy’s work is unique and stunning. I am thrilled with the mock-up cover she’s created for my up-coming book: Guidance. Prior to starting the design process, Imani Danzy met with me and asked me a series of questions about my manuscript. She was genuinely concerned that the quality of my work be reflected in the cover. I highly recommend Imani Danzy for other authors in need of design work." - Emily Elaine

Who is Imani Danzy?

Digital Artist · Freelance Graphic Designer

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Imani Danzy is a Graphic Artist & Freelance Graphic Designer. I want to create work that catches your eye and sticks in your mind forever. Creating art that makes you happy is what I live for.

I am creating a graphic novel and a web comic called Dot Dot Dot! Dot Dot Dot, is a young adult sci-fi fantasy graphic novel that I am developing. Dot Dot Dot is a world where transcenoids, a bio-bot species, rule our world and humans wear masks to fit in. Humans know nothing of our past except from what "they" leaders tell us. I created this world out of hunger for the truth. Truth of wanting to know my roots, our past and more about the world around me. Everyday I uncover more about this world and it’s dark undertones much like how my main characters; Dot, Todd, Nagee, and Amara, dig up the darkness within their world. To stay updated with the process follow me on instagram!

My inspiration for my graphic novel is Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Over The Garden Wall. As a kid, I grew up watching Cartoons on Cartoon Network. During adolescence, I watched anime: Studio Ghibili and my personal favorite Durarara.

When I am not on creating characters & designing, I am a foodie who loves dim sum, an artist, and Hobbiephotographer. I have been doing freelance graphic design since 2016. I have been a cancer survivor since I was 9 months old: I lost my right eye to retintoblastoma.

My Process & Pricing

1. I give you a questionaire, then I will send you a proposal and we talk about pricing:

My services and price ranges:

-Digital Art / Character Art: $200 - $5000

Quarter Page 300$-600$

Full Page 750$-2000$

Advertising 1200$-20,000$

Graphic Novel 5,000$, 20,000$

-Book Covers: $500 - $1200

-Posters / Flyers: $300 - $3000

-T-shirt Design: $200 - $1000

-Ask and I will let you know if I can create it.

2. I will need a deposit of 1/3 of the price. Then I will start the design process: sketching, you chose which layout you like best. then I use adobe illustrator to detail you design choices, then you get 3-5 revisions.

3. Once you sign & pay, I will send you the design, printable, and/or web ready files. Then I look forward to working with you again soon!

Contact me: imanidanzy@gmail.com

Hours: 10am-4pm PST. I will get back to you within 24 hours.