"Imani Danzy’s work is unique and stunning. I am thrilled with the mock-up cover she’s created for my up-coming book: Guidance. Prior to starting the design process, Imani Danzy met with me and asked me a series of questions about my manuscript. She was genuinely concerned that the quality of my work be reflected in the cover. I highly recommend Imani Danzy for other authors in need of design work." - Emily Elaine

Who is Imani Danzy?

Graphic Artist · Freelance Graphic Designer

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© 2017-2018 Designed & Coded By Imani Danzy

Imani Danzy is a Graphic Artist & Freelance Graphic Designer. I want to create work that catches your eye and sticks in your mind forever. Creating art that makes you happy is what I live for.

My Process

1. I give you a questionaire, then I will send you a proposal and we talk about pricing:

My services and price ranges:

-Digital Art / Character Art: $200 - $5000

Quarter Page 300$-600$

Full Page 750$-2000$

Advertising 1200$-20,000$

Graphic Novel 5,000$, 20,000$

-Book Covers: $500 - $1200

-Posters / Flyers: $300 - $3000

-T-shirt Design: $200 - $1000

-Ask and I will let you know if I can create it.

2. I will need a deposit of 1/3 of the price. Then I will start the design process: sketching, you chose which layout you like best. then I use adobe illustrator to detail you design choices, then you get 3-5 revisions.

3. Once you sign & pay, I will send you the design, printable, and/or web ready files. Then I look forward to working with you again soon!

Interesting Facts

Imani Danzy Picture wearing sweater that says stay weird while she is holding a yellow picture frame
© 2018 design by Imani Danzy & photo by Mia Pixel Photography

On Youtube, I do spoken word poetry, vlog to track the progress in my life and I talk about topics ranging from youtubers to movies and music to food.

I post videos every week on youtube! I am also creating a graphic novel!

When I am not on designing, I am a foodie who loves dim sum, an avid artist, photographer, and YouTuber. I have been doing freelance graphic design since 2016. I have been a cancer survivor since I was born: lost my right eye to retintoblastoma. It is one of my many passions to help people through design.

Contact me: imanidanzy@gmail.com

Hours: 10am-4pm PST. I will get back to you within 24 hours.