imani smiling

Let me introduce myself

Hi, I'm Imani.

I am a Graphic, Brand and Visual Designer. I work with leaders and entrepreneurs that desire to make an connection and impact with their community. I love to bridge the gap in communication between the organization and their community. I am interested in working on branding and creative projects related to non-profits, food, e-commerce, and startup ventures and tackling new challenges.

Let's Connect! -

mochi cake

When I am not working, I am:

Baking. Roller Skating. Watching Asian TV shows. Eating at a new resturant.

I am always challenging myself to try something new. In the photo, I baked mochi cakes. Vanilla, Macha Green Tea and Ube flavor. It was my first time baking them and they turned out great. I even paired each flavor with a homemade sauce or jam.

If we meet, ask me about them and my mochi brownies.