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I am Imani: a Youtube Vlogger · Pop Culture · Indie Blogger

Glasses By Dan Gold

© Dan Gold from Unsplash

Fact: I am a cancer survivor of Retinoblastoma, I have one eye. My eye and my interests in life are what make me unique and quirky. On Youtube, I'm a foodie who video blogs about Pop Culture, all things Indie Culture, and random stories of my quirks. Join me on the journey of Embracing Our Quirks!

I post videos every wednesday on youtube! Read my blog to stay up to date. I am also writing a graphic novel!

Dragon's Breath By Imani Danzy

Dragon's Breath © 2018 Imani Danzy

When I am not on Youtube, I am a foodie who loves dim sum, an avid hobbyiest photographer and Artist. I do graphic design work for creatives at Luna Ren Studio.

If you want graphic design, please go to my website Luna Ren Studio.